In the Autumn of 2014 we lost our dearest friend Romain.

There was hardly any time at all between the onset of the illness and his passing. Very little time or ability for productivity of any kind was left. Romain’s mind, however remained clear and his spirit still thrived.

Classical music being one of Romain’s great passions, it is not then surprising that one of his final wishes was that the support given to musicians would continue. The launch of this web portal marks our first efforts to fulfill this wish. The website will inform you of forthcoming ideas and events.

In keeping with his unique morale character and spirit we hope to accomplish a longterm continuation of his warm and generous support of musicians. To achieve this, establishing a Romain d’Ansembourg Foundation could well be one of the future options.

As our first enterprise we transported one of Romain’s unique Erard pianos to the Fortepiano festival which took place in October 2015 at the Geelvinck Museum in Amsterdam. For the future this wonderful instrument will need to be maintained and technically overhauled on a regular basis. Options for this will be looked into.

In addition this website will offer a permanent showcase of Romains’ photographic works. Since the mid seventies Romain had been a professional photographer and via this website you can see and enjoy these superb and beautiful images. 

We look forward to your endorsing these new ideas and also to your registering and signing up for our newsletter so that we can continue to inform and update you on all that will be happening in the future.